I am the Alaskan Malamute

The secret of where I first came from is hidden deep in the blizzard snows of the polar ice, and there is where it will stay. Modern man has no idea where I came from, and the ancient Mahlemu...t Indians that worked to develop my breed will not reveal the secret. I will tell you that I am a breed that loves man beyond even my own understanding. I am one that has a       sense of humor, I find joy in work that causes other breeds to cringe.
Some humans think that I am stubborn, and therefore not very smart, but I am one of the most intelligent dogs in the world. I have often used my brain and humor to frustrate my human friends, but if you take the time to understand me and my independence, you will find out how smart I really am. If I sound as if I am bragging, I'm not. I do not believe in false modesty, nor any other falsehoods. I do not know how to lie. You will see in my eyes the kind of honesty that man can only hope to find.Through my bloodlines God blessed me with a body that contains power that other breeds envy. Of the northern breeds, I have no peer. My fur is such that the most fridgid winter blast is to me but a refreshing breeze. While my size and appearance can intimidate some people, most are drawn to my looks.
If you help me understand what you want (by working with me a lot), and you treat me with love and respect, I will usually do as you ask of me. I have courage that any Marine, Soldier or Coast Guardsman would be proud to claim. If forced into a fight, I am ferocious; in competition I do not like to lose. If a human chooses to become my companion, and treats me with love and kindness I will sacrifice my very life to keep that human from harm.When you fully comprehend the Aurora Borealis; then will you understand me...........I am Alaskan Malamuteby Bob Riddle (with slight modification)
The Kennel Club
Males 25 - 28 inches  Females 23 - 26 inches
Weight 85 - 125 lbs
United Kennel Club
Males 25 in. 85 lbs
Females 23 in.  75 lbs.
Continental Kennel Club
22 - 27 inches
75 - 115 lbs
American Kennel Club
Males 25 in. 85 lbs
Females 23 in. 75 lbs