Backpacking / Hiking
Backpacking Commands

 Stop (Very Important)  "Whoa or Hold Up" Make this one Stick!

 Right Turn "Gee" 

 Left Turn  "Haw" 

 Stand (stand in one Place waiting for next Command) "Stand" 

 Center Up  "Center Up" 

 Move Up or Up (Used to tell the dog what you intend to do, Speed up) Move Up or "Up" 

 Easy or Easy Up ( Used to tell the  Dog to Slow  down but keep it moving)  "Easy Or Easy Up" 

 Always Use Good Job and tell them how good a Job they are doing or did. 

 Have treats for them when the Day is done… 

 Just remember as the Trainer, it is your Job to get the Message to your dog in the Best and Safest way you know how… if you don't feel comfortable with something then wait until you do. 

 When you are backpacking, watch for any changes in their actions. Heat can play a huge role in how they will react to something… and they can get over heated if working in the sun or on a warm day. Always make sure you carry water,  it is Crucial that you do this… Or you could find yourself out on a long trail with an overheated Injured Dog… Not Fun!!!! 

The best thing I can say is, your dog is very important to you,  they are family members, companions, and most of all your Responsibility!!!… So take Care of them first and foremost... And they will bring you home safely every time… with a Smile on your Face that No one can take 

Keep Checking Back !!
Learn the commands first, you can use them from backpacking, carting, weight pulling or simply just going for a walk !
It is important that equipment fit properly to avoid injury. Here are two different packs. The blue one is my favorite  because of the way it fits in the front. It goes all the way around the neck. 

The red pack works just as well and is made of all recycled material !! 

Backpacks can be purchased online. REI also sells stuff for dogs.

When putting the pack on, make sure it fits over the shoulders and not on the back. Adjust it to fit snug so it won't move around. 

Get your dog used to the pack first before loading it. Then start with light bulky items and work up to heavier weights. 

It is important to gradually work them up to higher weights. Their muscles need time to build up to prevent injury. 
You can use other commands, it is important that what ever you use, be consistent !
Make sure your dog is healthy enough to do the hike. 

Make sure your dog is current on shots and has tags on at all times. 

Please keep your dog hydrated and rested. 

Please be responsible and pick up after your dog ! 

Keep your dog on a leash at all times !

Working Dog Titles
AKC Backpacking Titles - 30 % of the dogs body weight carried 10 miles - 4 times
I use the word 'EASY" the most. 
It tells the dog  to slow done because there is a situation coming up and they need to pay attention
Survival pack at the bottom 
Kenzie just 5 months old