Liquid softener and dryer sheets together 
help fight dog hair on laundry ​
An old boot or tennis shoe makes a great chew toy and they will leave the others alone 

Two very important links about dog food !
The harness above is the better of the two. The bottom harness eventually will cause injury to the spine and shoulders. 

I do no like any harness on a dog unless it is actually for pulling.  Harnessing a dog will not stop the dog from pulling, harnesses are for pulling. Specially on a working breed. 

​The best way to get a dog to stop pulling
is good old fashioned training. ​​

Unless the harness is being pulled straight back...  the harness can eventually cause problems. 
Example, a harness that hooks on the front and the dog pulls, it is pulling the spine to the side over and over. This is unnatural movement for the dog and will eventually cause spine problems.
 A harness like the lower one, this one goes across the lower neck and can cause injury to the throat. ​​
Head harnesses or halters will pull the dog head to the side. This can injure the neck.

Old fashioned training - that is best​​