Our pregnant and nursing females love these vitamins !
Organic minerals 
Our pregnant and nursing females get a little bit of this ​
For any upset tummy !
This will heal just about anything you can imagine !
​Avoid unnecessary vet bills 
Old Dog 
Issues ​​

Use 1/2
Helps control parasites, helps digestion and over all good health

Over the years, I have found BLUE DAWN to be the best shampoo for the malamute coat
These are products I personally use. 
I am showing these for the purpose of showing we use healthy products, products to promote health in our dogs and puppies.  
****  I am not and will not promote products for other companys ​on my website  ****​
We love our family, our animals and occasionally have pups for sale. 
We are not out to make as much as we can.​