this page is devoted to  fun pictures

Thank you for LOOKING !
Why do I take so many pictures ?

Anyone can take a picture of a dog, often in a kennel  or a play yard and posted it. This represents the lifestyle and home of the dog. Some people use that same pictures for months or even years.  I want to show you the lifestyle my dogs live on a regular basis.  I take and post pictures of them every  month. You can watch them grow up and you can see them play as well as do other activities outside the home. 

Why is this so important ? 

It is very important for the physical health and  the mental well being of the dog.  A dog who is treated as family and does activities outside the home is going to have a better personality and temperament and it is also going to lead to all around better health !

Below are just some of the pictures I have. If I posted all of them, I would need a bigger website.