Let a dog whisper in your ear and breathe on your heart. You'll never regret it....
We strive to produce sound, healthy, malamutes with good work ethics and wonderful temperaments 
Do not go where the path may lead ......
Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail 

Incredible Journey
Since 2003
Backpacking and  Hiking Adventures
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Playing Hard is What We Do Best 
"In the whole history of the world there is but one thing that money can not buy... to wit - the wag of a dogs tail." -Josh Billings.
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Snow Pack's Alaskan Malamutes  of the Rockies 
Located high in the Rockies of Colorado
Dedicated to giving our Alaskan Malamutes the best life possible !

Our Website is Always Current Always Changing​
2010 - ​2016  IWPA​

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Living  at  9500 ft  

Snow Pack's Silver King Nador
 2015 IWPA Gold Medal Winner
on Snow​​​​​ for Region 9​

3rd/ Bronze WINNER !! ​
U.S. and Canada
International Weight Pull Association 
( IWPA )
Raised  $5032.46  for Children's Hospital
Cancer Center ​​​
May 15, 2015​
Please Do Not Confuse Us with
Rocky Mountain Malamutes !
in Dolores, Colorado


Mountain LIfe Malamutes
In Florissant, Colorado

We are not a part of either of these.  We do not know the people at Rocky Mountain Malamutes. 
Mountain Life Malamutes - we chose not to associate with them.  

We have been here for over 18 yrs and worked hard to accomplish what we have on our own. ​
Our website clearly shows how long we have enjoyed our malamutes. We are far more then simply a "breeder" 

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Welcome to my website ! 

I created it to share my love for my Alaskan Malamutes and my other animals and a place to store my pictures where I can see them when ever I want. We love adventure and simply being outside. ​​​We are not a business, this is a just a story of some of the things we do in life. That's all it is. Pretty simple. 

We also share our experience as well.
​We welcome questions about the malamutes.
We ​​​welcome questions about the lizards and other critters.
We also welcome questions about 4 wheeling near by trails.

We have loved and owned Alaskan Malamutes for about 18 yrs now. We are not new to this. We do not pretend to know what we are doing. We have years of experience. We don't just "talk" about things, we have actually done quite a bit !​​ 
We don't do things just to brag,  we love this life style and our animals. That's why we are still here after 18 yrs. ​


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