No Leashes, No Fences, No boundaries 

​Our first priority is  always to our malamutes. 
We are dedicated to giving them active lives running free as often as we can.
As you can see by our pictures, that is quite often and year round.
What you won't see ..  a lot of leashes and fences. ​

Yes, our malamutes are very loyal and stay close to us. They never run away. ​

Please note - we never let any of our malamutes run free where there is a chance to run into other people and we always obey leash laws​​

Always be respectful on Trails !​​

This is a new video ( Oct 2019 ) of our dog area. Still needs some work but its getting there. 
Sorry, video may load slow. 
We are not part of any other breeder or business. 
The dogs listed in " Our Girls " and " Our Boys " are all our dogs. Most were bred and raised here. Most of the bloodlines are my own. We are not partners with anyone. 
All pictures on this website belong to Snow Pack. I personally took all the pictures.