Bonnie and Clyde
Crested Geckos 

These two live in a smaller tank. 50 - 60 % humidity ​ and around 75 degrees. 

They eat a fruit mix and sometimes a cricket​

The down side to Crested Geckos -
they sleep all day and awake all night
Red Iguana
Mick - Bearded dragon
Red Iguana
​​If you own or thinking of owning an iguana, please feed and care for properly !  They need Collard, Mustard and Turnip Greens everyday. Then you can add other foods. But they must have those three as they are most important. 

They must have around 80% humidity

They must have good strong UVB

They must have good strong basking light
and heat around 100 degrees. 

This is not their whole area, but they need access to this.

No lights at night. No red lights. ​​​

Active all day. Ok awake but lazy ​
Pretty easy to care for and easy to handle. 

 He eats the same diet as Bowser plus ​​crickets and roaches. Low humidity. Good UVB Good Heat 100 degrees some where in his tank. 

Active all day !​

Romeo and Juliet
Leopard Geckos

These two eat roaches and worms​