Puppy Application

This form must be completed if you want to be considered for a puppy. Incomplete forms will be ignored.
After you have clicked on the final "submit" you can return to the website and I will get back to you as soon as possible 

Thank you :) ​
I have added this puppy application to make things easier for everyone. 
If you are seriously interested in one of our puppies, the name, phone number and full address must be completely filled out for me to respond !!!!
There are a lot of puppy scams going on right now and I must be able to check you out just as you will want to know who I am too. It goes both ways. ​

Puppy picks are in order of deposits placed. Snow Pack gets first pick if we keep one.

$600 deposit is required to be on the list  

Puppies are $1800 limited AKC​​​​

We occasionally give breeding rights. Full AKC is $1000 extra
We will also consider a trade​​​​

IF the puppies are already born - $900 deposit / $900 by 6 wks old. ​​
IF the puppies are not born $600 Deposit $600 when born $600 by 6 wks old ​