Due to the increase in puppy scams .... 
We will be extra careful in who we sell our puppies to
We will be holding all AKC registration papers for a couple month after you receive your pup to make sure the pups are not resold for a higher price. Sorry for this inconvenience. ​​
Puppy Scams
This is a growing problem​.
PLEASE be very careful !   Many things to look for !
Visit if you can, See the parents and the puppies. See how much room they have. If its cheap, that could very well be a red flag something is wrong. Many pups get stolen and sold. 
Snow Pack is taking a break !

We are not planning any breedings.

I have this fall to finish, if I have anything available, I will post them here.

If you don't see anything, I don't have anything.
Keeping it simple

This is not easy for me but people are just getting rude, disrespectful. With all the problems in the world right now, this causes a lot of scams in the puppy world too. 

I need to take a long break and get back to enjoying my malamutes. ​

​​​​​​ I am changing the website to Snow Pack Malamutes . Com

We are Snow Pack Alaskan Malamutes of the Rockies
The current website is Alaskan Malamute of the Rockies.

This older version ​​​​is on an outdated program. So old that in order for me to add new features, I basically have to start over and upgrade. 

Goes to show just how old I am, how long I have raised malamutes and how long I have had a website !​​

I am not deleting the Malamute of the Rockies, I will be mixing the two websites together so I can add new features and not have to start over completely.  As pages disappear they will be on the new website​​