What about the babies ?

Babies are born and raised inside our home until they are ready to go outside. That is determined by their mom. ​We have a bedroom just for whelping. It has the baby whelping area, my supplies, a bed and tv. Everything I need to care for the pups while inside. 

The first four weeks - mom and babies work to get into a routine.  Mom gets their feeding on a schedule of feeding and sleeping. Around day 15, eyes and ears are starting to open. They can hear but can't see very well for another week or two. By 3-4 wks old, they are starting to show interest in dry food. They are starting to notice toys and play is mostly in slow motion which lasts for about 5 minutes then back to sleep.

From 4 - 5 wks old, this is when they are usually moved outside. It takes a week for them to get used to their new area. This area is 10 x 10 ft. It has a nice dog house. The kennel is covered and they are protected from sun and rain.  During this week, they will learn to eat and drink on their own. They have a gravity feeder so food is always available.  They are also next to all the other dogs so they will also learn about other dogs at the same time.

Starting at 6 wks, The babies will be turned loose into the puppy play yard.
This is a clean fenced rock area with chairs and picnic table so people can sit and interact with the puppies. ​​​ ​From 6 to 8 wks is when they learn to play with toys and water ( when weather is warm ). They will be introduced to some of our other malamutes.  This stage the puppies are becoming more aware of everything around them. They are usually shy but this is the important stage and need to be exposed to people, toys and other dogs to give them a good start of being well balanced.

At the end of 7 weeks old 

Puppies will be vet checked before leaving

Puppies will be  wormed at  6 & 8 wks old , first shots, and you will get a copy of vet record.

When you pick up your puppy... ​​

Puppies will also come with a collar,  a few toys that they are used to.  ​They also come with a PUPPY PACKET of information that will help you with your new puppy. This is a booklet I personally put together for my customers and  a  will have a copy of the vet record. 

When you arrive to pick up your pup, he/she will not be groomed. I will show you how to groom your pup before leaving - if the weather is good. ​ He/she will be used to being brushed, it will be up to you to continue this.

If you have any questions about backpacks or harnesses, this is the time to ask. ​​​

I am  always available for any questions you have with your new puppy.


So what else ? 

We have puppy play dates.

After you have picked your puppy up and are all settled. You can come back for play dates with other puppies !​​ This is great for socializing and a great time to ask questions about your pup and training too ! 

this is actually the road to the right it took 2 days before it was plowed
5 acres 

Shipping is not available due to Covid

​ We are willing to drive to surrounding states to meet people during good weather months. It is very important to us that we meet the people who will be raising our pups. This is why we choose not to ship pups anymore. 

We will share our future breeding plans with you after we can confirm who you are. 
No one will be allowed to visit Snow Pack with out this information. 
No one will be allowed to visit puppies ( when born ) with out a deposit. 

Unfortunately, we feel this is necessary for our safety, the safety of our dogs and puppies.

Due to the increase in puppy scams .... 
We will be extra careful in who we sell our puppies to
We will be holding all AKC registration papers for a couple month after you receive your pup to make sure the pups are not resold for a higher price. Sorry for this inconvenience. ​​

​ There is no comparison between us and other breeders. We stand alone in the way we raise malamutes.   Our dogs are very well socialized, very active away from home, ​​go on amazing adventures hiking and 4 wheeling. Some of our dogs have done years of successful competitive weight pulling with success in the International Championship as ​ well as Regional and through the AMCA and IWPA.  Not just talk - We did it !
Some have done parades. Not just talk - We did it !

​​  Our malamutes live a life with a large fenced yard but also many off leash adventures as well. 
Here are some of our older adventures. Our newer adventures can be found in newer year pages
Not just talk - we do it !

Our dogs do have their own kennels but they are also crate trained and house trained and take turns inside and outside. ​ Our home is designed around the dogs so they can come inside, go outside, sit on the deck with family and to the fenced yard freely. 

Our dogs also get along with each other as a big family even though they are all in tact. ​We have several generations here that have been raised this way. No doubt it is making a difference in our puppies. 

If you are considering a new puppy, this should be important to you !​

There is no way to raise malamutes to be so well balanced mentally and physically with out this type of life style. If they are not socialized and taken out into public and on adventures, there is no way to know how they would handle situations. They can not be well rounded if they are limited to living life at home only. 

If a breeder can not handle their dogs as a pack, take them places,  do things with them away from home to insure they are well balanced. Spend quality time doing things with them as part of a family, they should not be breeding. This of course, is just my opinion. Temperament is passed down from both parents. Yes, a great deal has to do with the way the new owner raises the pup but best to start with a good pup.
​Know where your pup is coming from ! ​

We have 2 other sources of income. Kurt has a good steady year round reliable job that is more than adequate to support us. I also have monthly income. We do not need or rely on sales to support us or our dogs. I do feel this is very important.
​Our dogs do NOT support us !  ​

It takes real dedication to achieve this with a large pack of malamutes. It takes something special to be able to raise a pack the way I do, specially off leash. 

I have had this website since around 2008 / 2009, I have been documenting our dogs since then. ​​

Here are some old pages of pictures from 2008 - 2011

​Here are the most current pictures, this page is updated with new pictures often. 

​​​When malamutes are spiritually healthy, this is what they look like  ​​

Malamutes, happy, healthy, well balanced 
Enjoying life, being free, no leashes, no fences, no boundaries. 
If you are interested in our pups, you need to fill out our application. It must be complete.If you don't take the time to fill it out completely, I will not take the time to answer it. 

2021 breeding schedule 

Puppy Scams
This is a growing problem​.
PLEASE be very careful !   Many things to look for !
Visit if you can, See the parents and the puppies. See how much room they have. If its cheap, that could very well be a red flag something is wrong. Many pups get stolen and sold. Many are sick and sold. ​​
Serious inquiries only - you must completely fill out the application for information

I will not waste my time on incomplete applications​​