Puppies are $1800

Our Location

We are not taking any visits at the moment. We just bought a new home and in the process of moving.

And we have a ton of snow. As much as I love snow, I could do with a lot less !  We have up to 2-3 ft in some areas of the property. No shortage of snow here this year !​

We are located off Hwy 24 just east of Hartsel, Co. Crossroad Elkhorn Rd

We have 5 acres that will offer the dogs more shade and more room to run. For those who have been to our other home, the new home is only a few miles from that home. It is in the same area. ​​​

Once the snow melts, we will be able to get the larger fenced area up. We will still be able to offer the puppy play dates as we did at the other house. 

We are really excited about finding this new house for the dogs. We also needed more room for our growing family - our grandsons !

Thank You for your patients and understanding while we make these changes. ​​​​

Please know that we care deeply about our dogs, our puppies and our costumers. My website and all the pictures, time and effort I put into it is proof above and beyond. If I was simply selling puppies, that is what you would see on a website - puppies for sale and nothing else ! 

We do everything we possibly can to please everyone and work with everyone. But sadly, we live in a world now where some people just can not be pleased no matter how hard we try , ,  but we sure do try !

It is very important to read our policy and understand it before buying a puppy.  We will work with you until you are happy with the right puppy no matter how long it takes. You are not buying a specific puppy, you are buying a puppy that you will want for the life time of that puppy. ​​ It is very important to understand that once you get your puppy, it takes a lot of time, love, patients and training to raise them to be the wonderful adults they can be. 

If we do not produce, produce the right sex, the right color or looks, we will hold that deposit until we do. We do our best to produce the best temperaments but after 8 wks, it is up to you to work with and continue to develop that wonderful malamute temperament. ​​
What about the babies ?

Babies are born and raised inside our home until they are ready to go outside. That is determined by their mom. ​

Babies have free run play time.  We encourage puppy visits when puppies are 5 - 8 weeks old..  Puppies leave at or after 8 weeks old. 

Puppies will be vet checked before leaving

Puppies will be started on worming , first shots, and you will get a copy of vet record, 

Puppies will also come with a collar, a leash if needed , a few toys that they are used to.  ​They also come with a PUPPY PACKET of information that will help you with your new puppy. This is a booklet I personally put together for my customers.

I am also always available for any questions you have with your new puppy.

So what else ? 

We have puppy play dates.

After you have picked your puppy up and are all settled. You can come back for play dates with other puppies !​​ This is great for socializing and a great time to ask questions about your pup and training too ! 

this is actually the road to the right it took 2 days before it was plowed
5 acres 
When this melts, we will fence in a large area for the dogs to play and pups to come up and visit !
Most important
We are not a puppy mill. We do not focus on puppies and we do not always have puppies available​.  When we do have puppies, it is an exciting event that we cherish and dedicate our time to. 

Due approx late June

All pups will be 

Kenny - First red male

Jeromey​ - 

John - Agouti