Getting a puppy is one thing, raising a puppy is another.
Potty training -
This takes a lot of time to master.  Take the puppy out as often as you can and always after a nap and after they eat.  The programing starts as soon as you get the puppy home.  I say programing because that is what it is. You need to program him to what you want and expect.  If he has the chance to relieve himself inside even once, it is programmed into him that he can go there.  Always take the puppy to the same place to go.   Praise praise never enough praise when they do what you want them to do.  Remember, some puppies just take longer to learn this. 
Please start leash training right away. Be very patient and relaxed. When you first start with the leash, give them time to get used to it first.  Let them walk around at their own pace. We put it on them in the house and let them drag it around.  If they learn that the leash is a bad thing, training will take a long time.  Build their confidence up first before starting the leash commands.  
Once you start walking your pup on the leash, do not allow them to sniff or walk where ever they want.  They need to learn to do things things when you want them to and not when they want to.  This will make for a better experience for everyone.  When it comes to walking your pup, the rule is ..
Lead or be Led

All malamutes chew on anything they can find.  Best to buy them things to chew on. Puppies will be teething at least until they are 6-7 months old.  Chewing also gives them something to do. It also helps them relieve stress.  I have found the best thing to buy is stuffed pig hooves. For the money, they last the longest.  I also buy stuffed toys or animals at the salvation army or thrift stores and wash them before giving them to the dogs.  Old shoes and socks also are great for them to play with.  They love old shoes. I have never had a problem with a dog chewing on the wrong shoes. If you let them know what they can have, they will usually leave the others alone. 


All malamutes love to dig.  It is best to give them an area to call their own and teach them where they can dig.

Absolutely never allowed - Ever !  Not even when playing.  If you have a biting puppies, you must stop it.  Several methods work for this. When the pup starts to bite, simply say No and pull your hand away. Tap the pup on the nose and say No with a firm voice.  It must be done every time!  If it continues, you may need to tap a little harder.  If you are playing with the pup, you can stop playing and walk away. It is important that the pup have a negative experience. 

IF the puppy continues, there is more you can do. Above is just a sample of a minor problem. If you are having more trouble, there is more you can do.  But first, do not give up.  Just as humans go through 12 years of school, puppies do not learn over night. 
My best advise... very important ...  start with a good puppy.
Temperament, personality and the first 8 weeks of life - this is the key  to puppies. 

Parents must have awesome temperments and personalities ! 

If the mother is not confident and stress free, the puppies will be effected.  If the environment where the puppies are raised the first 8 weeks is not  secure and comfortable, the puppies will be effected.  If the puppies are not well socialized, held a lot and exposed to many different things right from the start, the puppies will be effected.

New Puppy

It is an exciting time when you finally bring home your  new puppy.  It is an exciting time for the puppy as well.  But it is also a stressful time. As with humans, stress lowers the immune system and your new puppy can get sick easily.  A common illness is called Coccidia.  The warning sign is diarrhea.  This is an organism that lives in all puppies. In time, they become immune to it. When stressed, it can can cause problems.  If you think your puppy is sick from Coccidia, please take your puppy to a vet. It is very treatable.

All puppies are born with worms !
Your puppy will be wormed a few times before leaving. He/she may need to be wormed a few more times. This is common and normal.  Please do not be alarmed if your new puppy has worms. A good breeder will have started the de worming process, but it is up to you to continue it.

Your new puppy will have received at least one set of shots. It is very important to follow up with at least two more sets.  It is not necessary to have them right at 6 wks IF the mother current on shots. But it is important that the puppy receive at least three sets total. 
Puppies are not completely protected against diseases until a few weeks after they receive the last set of shots. So please be careful where you take your puppy while they are young. Even though they have some shots, they can still get sick.

Never leave your CELL PHONE with in reach because they will EAT them ! 
Speaking from experience - twice !

More coming soon !

Hike Up
( start moving or go faster)
Whoa !
( stop )
( turning right )
( turning left )
Straight Ahead
( passing other dogs or distractions )
( slow down )

Use the basic commands all the time regardless of whether you are working your dog or just simply enjoying a walk. 
It is never to early to start training or using these commands