Snow Pack
who we are - who we are not
Who we are NOT
We are NOT a kennel

We are NOT a breeding facility 

We are NOT a business
Who We Are
We are a family

We are out door enthusiast  

We are passionate about the breed

We play with our dogs


Please take time to look around our website.  

Our website says a lot about who we are, what we do and what we believe in.  Our malamutes are really important to us. We believe in giving them the great life they were originally breed to have - active. We do not believe in purchasing dogs for the sole purpose of breeding and making them live in kennels.   

A picture says a thousand words. This does not mean it is always good ! When looking at other breeders or owners, carefully look at the pictures and make sure their dogs look good, healthy and happy. Are they simply showing you a dog or are they showing you their way of life ??
Welcome to Snow Pack's Alaskan Malamutes of the Rockies

We are located high in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  

We have 5.2 acres located near Fairplay, Colorado elevation - 9500 ft high. 

We are dedicated to giving our Alaskan Malamutes the best life possible !