Mailing information 

Kurt and Kelly Schmid
P.O. Box 213
Hartsel, Co 80449

All sales are final. No cash is ever refunded just because you changed your mind, no longer want, found elsewhere, etc. I want you to be comitted to purchasing the puppy at the time you are putting a deposit down. I want to know the family that is purchasing this puppy is going to give them a loving, forever home.

​​ I do have a clause in my contract that if you have to return your puppy there are no refunds. I do not want to have a puppy returned because you no longer want, cannot handle the potty training, etc. However, I will take the puppy back and find it a new loving home. This is very rare, but if the situation arises, please know that I will make the best decision to place the puppy in a loving, safe environment, and no money will be exchanged for the return.
We also have VENMO